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Joe Russo is a highly skilled and experienced recording studio technician and designer. He has over a decade of experience working in professional recording studios, and has extensive knowledge of audio engineering, acoustics, and studio construction.

Joe's passion for music and audio led him to pursue a career in recording studio technology, and he has since established himself as a respected and reputable professional in the industry. He has designed and built studios for a wide range of clients, from independent musicians to major record labels, always ensuring that the studio meets client's desired specifications and budget.

With a deep understanding of acoustics, Joe is able to design a studio that's tailored for specific genres, whether it be for a rock band, podcast or for film and video post-production. He's experienced in all aspects of studio construction, including electrical and plumbing work, as well as equipment installation and setup. He also offers post-construction support, such as maintenance and troubleshooting of equipment, as well as training on how to properly use the studio and equipment.

With his knowledge, attention to detail and outstanding technical skills, Joe is able to deliver exceptional recording studio design and construction services. He's dedicated to providing personalized service to each client, and his ultimate goal is to help his clients achieve their vision for a professional and acoustically optimized recording studio.

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